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 What is a diaper cake

Diaper cake definition

A diaper cake is a gift basket with diapers, made to resemble a cake, and filled with baby items, such as baby blankets, bibs, bottles, baby toys and baby care items. The baby diaper cake makes one of the most unique baby shower gifts.

A diaper cake looks like a multi-layered cake. You may compare it to a wedding cake. This birthday gift is nothing but multiple diapers rolled up and wrapped around each other in a circular pattern, built on multiple tiers. It allows the giver to have plenty of options. The diaper cake can be as elaborate or as simple as one would like. It always looks very impressive no matter how much time is spent on it.

A diaper cake is an elaborate way to wrap baby gifts. These gifts are placed toward the center of the present and allows to unwrap the gift in order to find out what is in the center.

Making a diaper cake

A diaper cake begins with wrapping a single nappy, then adding multiple rolled diapers in a circle around that core. A 3 tier diaper cake takes approximately 50 small diapers. Once the diapers are all in place, ribbons and other sorts of color features can be added. This gives the creation a unique look.

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if the gender of the baby is already known, the cake can be made in appropriate colors celebrating a boy or a girl. There are also special diaper cakes for twins

Many people send them to friends, family or colleagues as they are very practical gifts, even if there is no baby shower. You need to be creative about attaching the diapers, so the cake can be disassembled and the diapers used for their intended purpose.

You also need to chose a theme. Look for something that has connecting with the family: castles, animals, jungles, football, cars, trains, dogs, cats, ...

Don't forget a poem to complete your birthday gift.

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