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 Diaper cake themes

Diaper cake instructions

Before you begin making a diaper cake consider the following:

Nappy cake themes

A diaper cake is an excellent choice for a birthday gift. But what about the diaper cake theme. Is it a boys diaper cake, a girls diaper cake, a twins diaper cake or a neutral diaper cake. Finally you need a theme

Monkey diaper cake

Monkey diaper cakes make a cute centerpiece and gift for a baby shower. These baby cakes have a monkey theme and are decorated with a monkey on top of the diaper cake.

Watch our monkey diaper cakes

Motorcycle nappy cake

Motorcycle nappy cakes make a cute gift for a baby shower. These diaper cakes have a motorcycle look and are decorated with a motorcycle items on the diaper cake.

Watch our motorcycle nappy cakes

Tricycle diaper cake directions

A tricycle diaper cake is a lovely idea for a boy baby shower. It looks awesome and is easy to make.

Watch our tricycle diaper cakes

Dolphin diaper cake

Dolphin nappy cakes make a cute gift for a baby shower. These fish diaper cakes have a dolphin on the animal diaper cake. Maybe you prefer a shark or a whale.

Watch our dauphin nappy cakes

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