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 Poems for diaper cakes

Birthday poems

A birthday gift is complete with a birthday poen or birthday haiku. More poems and haiku for babies on www.birthday.learnandenjoy.com

Diaper cake poems

a nice diaper cake
for your new little baby
with some socks and toys

I want to fool you
and hide your birthday present
diaper cake secret

a real birthday cake
but it's not for your tummy
filled with all our love

a diaper basket
it's a real baby secret
you'll need him each day

today is special
a new baby boy (girl) birthday
with lots of diapers

one two three four five
plenty diapers on their way
enjoy your baby

a wish may come true
for each diaper in the cake
I'll give you plenty

a baby bottle
deep inside this diaper cake
filled with our wishes

a pleasure to see
that lovely baby girl (boy) smile
enjoy the diapers

oh don't take a bite
it's a birthday cake I know
ex diaper expert

no need to worry zbout gaining weight there’s no fat or calories in this diaper cake

the perfect diet cake
no butter cream on the top
only baby stuff

a little baby
to love beyond measure
with diaper pleasure

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