BABY SHOWER - How to make diaper cakes
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 Diaper cakes for baby shower

What is a diaper cake

A diaper cake is a baby shower present made of diapers, ribbon, toys and other baby items. Diaper cakes can be bought or made at home. This website is about diaper cake ideas for boys and girls.

The baby shower

A baby shower is a way to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a baby by giving gifts to the parents. The expectant mother is showered with gifts. A diaper cake is a creative, original and useful gift. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a commercial gift, you can now make your own diaper cake!

Diaper cake video

Watching diaper cakes videos is an easy way to learn how to make a diaper cake. On this website you'll find a lot of videos with instructions and ingredients so you suprise everyone at the baby shower with an awesome baby shower gift. Diaper cakes make beautiful baby shower gifts or centerpieces

Diaper cake ideas

Beautiful baby shower gifts on this website for making you own diaper cake.

Themes diaper cakes

When making a diaper cake you need to chose a theme for a boy, a girl or even for twins. Populair diaper cake themes are diaper cake castle, diaper cake jungle, diaper cake monkey, diaper cake safari, ... A special one is the diaper cake wreath.

Baby birthday poems

The finishing touch of your baby shower gift is a lovely diaper cake poem. You'll find birthday poems for boys, girls and twins.

Items diaper cakes

On many diaper cakes you'll find ingredients like: a disposable cardboard platter, a baby bottle, ribbon, rubber bands, diapers of course, baby socks, bay toys and stuffed animals.

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